The Creator of the BluePrint Scan, mr. Laurens Vehmeijer has worked for over 40 years as an executive consultant at Van Ede & Partners, and among others. Overvaluation of technocratic control and efficiency; a development that comes at the expense of small scale realities, quality of life, and human effectiveness. Money has gradually become ‘leading’ instead of ‘following’. As a result, many people found themselves living in some sort of ‘survival mode’ while being instigated to compete with their competencies and skills. Having a meaningful life isn’t about survival and competition using skills and competencies to cope with a hostile environment. It’s about learning to stay close to your most natural state of being and how to make your way of living the most valuable representation of your true innate qualities. That’s bringing happiness into practice and, by doing that, improving your quality of life. That’s good for work and business, because it is good for people, he says.

Laurens has developed the BluePrint Scan based on the belief that life is more than just surviving, and that everyone can be his or her own benchmark.

Many people describe Laurens Vehmeijer as a powerful executive coach and spiritual facilitator. Laurens himself, however, reflects a completely open-ended notion of what his social occupation might be. During his life Laurens has practiced the roles of an entrepreneur, mentor, manager, mountaineer, lawyer, author, boardroom advisor, recruiter, pianist, sculptor, teacher, father, philosopher, and psychologist.

Above all, he is an experienced life traveler and a loving companion to the fellow travelers he meets. He lives with his wife alternately in Spain, The Netherlands, and Northern Thailand.

His latest book “Sound of Life” is available through